If Only These Walls 

I was deeply inspired to create the series ‘If Only These Walls’, after completing a previous series documenting condemned and derelict housing as a consequence of an abandoned government regeneration programme.  Many communities resisted and resented the imposition of the programme, given the sweeping forced re-locations and displacement of complete neighbourhoods.


Whilst there I witnessed a great sense of loss, sadness and hopelessness in the areas where the programme collapsed due to withdrawal of funding.  I wanted to relate their sense of loss and abandonment through a contemplative series of images using derelict and abandoned walls reflecting a past history, I also wanted to contemplate my past through adding a series of objects that hold a personal symbolism, connection and resonance.


My intent in combining a relationship between wall and object is to infuse a new narrative and relevance to what was once forgotten, but also elicit a contemplation on their purpose and connection to us now.

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        Fine Art Photography

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